Green Retarder dosingunit Shell Pernis
An air-driven dosingskid provided with a Coriolis flow meter. This can even at very low dosage display a proper volume. So dosing can be metered more precisely, so that one with fewer chemistry still get the correct result. Also this skid is ATEX certified.

Air driven dosingunit 1.1
For Twin Filter, we have developed two containers with air-driven Coagulant dosing skids to be placed in the ATEX zone. These containers are for GC-16 KOC Project shipped to the Middle East where they are used for dosing in the filtration system.

Dosingskid Polypropylene 1.1 TRA
For very agresieve media TPU makes use of different types of plastics. We have chosen a very strong PP Fusiotherm. This glass fiber reinforced PP material is highly impact resistant and UV resistant. The pumps are equipped with Hastelloy pump valves. The base container is provided with a heating blanket which can be used even in the ATEX zone.

H2S Scavenger
During the loading of crude oil, an H2S scavenger is added in order to remain below the legal values. We have developed a mobile air-driven pump unit that meets the ATEX standard. This can be used very flexible.

Dosingskids for BP Rotterdam
Also at BP Rotterdam there are several dosing skids from TPU Services. The air-driven skids are used for dispensing various types of chemicals in the production process.

Dosingcontainer Air Liquide
TPU has build a fully insulated container equipped with four dosing skids for boiler water treatment at Air Liquide. This container is monitored and controlled from the control room. The container is constructed and tested in our shop at our location in Middelburg.

Container 3D-Trasar TRA
This insulated container is built for Total Refinery Antwerp. At the request of our client, we have assembled a Nalco 3D Trasar unit and a HACH Free Chlorine Meter in this container.

Dosingskid BP Rotterdam
Dosingskid with two dosage lines with backup pumps and flow measurement. A plastic platform has been placed in front of  the container base for a safe gravity based fillingf. The dosingskid is fully ATEX approved including control panel with motor protection. This skid is used for the acid crude Monitoring at BP Rotterdam.

Dosingcontainers arrangement TRA
Four dosing skids into containers for the Naphtha Cracker at Total Refinery Antwerp.

Dosingskid with steamtracing
Air-driven injection skid delivered to Kuwait Petroleum Europoort. This air-powered dosingskid contains a chemical with a low solidification point. For proper operation, the base container has been equipped with a condensate steam tracing and insulation so that the optimum operation is guaranteed.

Dosingskid for BASF
ATEX Electric injection skid delivered to BASF. TPU choose for welded pipes to ensure high robustness. All skids can be checked for proper welding by means of Non-Destructive Testing at the customer's request. This is covered by our ISO9001 and QA/QC system.

Revision and service
TPU overhauls the dosing skids for Sabic Geleen regularly. They are cleaned on site and transported to our workshop in Middelburg. After a complete overhaul of tanks, drip tray, piping, valves and pumps, it will be returned to the customer. Our service team is always ready to grant assistance on site at the customer. They connect the skids and assist in the initial startup of the skids.

Polymer dosingcontainer Tata Steel
Tata Steel IJmuiden TPU polymer has a fully automatic batch production unit built, equipped with a twin base tank setup, with aging tank and diluent mixer. The dosing treats the wastewater on the OXY2.

Air driven dosingunit 4.0
At ExxonMobil, we have developed an air powered dosingskid which had to be placed in the ATEX zone. A dose at four different locations had to be realized from a storage vessel. The pumps are remotely controled.