Glas Bead Blasting

Stainless steel requires professional treatment
TPU Services is very familiar with the professional treatment of stainless steel. Especially for the food and chemical industry we provide high quality specialist work. Especially in the process industry we set the highest standards and strictest standards of corrosion resistant stainless steel.

Modern stainless steel beam cabin in the region
Because the stainless steel has also found more than apply in other industries, TPU Services has a completely new stainless steel glass bead blasting cabin, no less than 32 m2. The cabin features an environmentally friendly auto glass bead recycling plant. The qualified professionals TPU Services provide a sampling of specialized stainless steel glass bead blasting. Of course, solely stainless steel sandblasted in the cabin; the only guarantee to prevent corrosion and maintain a steady and radiant quality.

From large to very small
Brackets, plates, hinges, caps, tanks .... Yes even entire skids may wheeled in and blasted. Due to the length of 4 meters, these products can be dealt with in totality quickly and efficiently. The result: a significant assembly and time saving. But also for very small parts you can contact TPU Services. For this we have a separate blasting cabin.