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TPU SERVICES BV is specialized in the composite repair of pipeline systems and the remedying of any leaks. The repairs can usually be performed without removing the systems from service.

TPU Services has a partnership with the American manufacturer CITADEL TECHNOLOGIES and therefore has gained access to the most advanced composite repair systems. Unique is the use of the combination of carbon and epoxy bond which many pipes and leaks can be repaired permanently.

In principle, a pipe to a pipe affixed so that the original strength of the pipe 100% restored.  

CITADEL TECHNOLOGIES is an American company, headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, developer and manufacturer of the carbon composite repair systems: DIAMONDWRAP®, BLACKDIAMOND®, and DIAMONDWRAP®HP™, RHINOWRAP® Hybrid, DIAMACORR™ Fiberglass, DIAMONDWRAP® SUBSEA™, DIAMASHOE™ and SLS-SERIES™ of primers and coatings.

They are the mostly extensively tested products on the market with a distribution network in over 45 countries.

As the best alternative to clamps and replacement, CITADEL TECHNOLOGIES’ products of carbon fiber and 100% solid epoxies are used to rehabilitate and restore original operation strength to damaged, corroded and eroded pipelines and pipe systems. DIAMONDWRAP® can also facilitate the repair of leaks, making these systems premier in the market of non-metallic repairs.

CITADEL TECHNOLOGIES’ products are compliant with all major composite repair standards, including ASME PCC-2 and ISO 24817:2015.

Their commitment to excellence assures that, all systems are continually tested and reviewed using both in-house research and independent labs to insure that we maintain our leadership in the industry.

CITADEL TECHNOLOGIES’ products have approvals from many respected independent agencies such as TUV in Germany and IMP in Mexico, and recently Lloyd's Register.


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